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Trophies for sporting, academic, and youth events have a very specific, classic look that’s based very much on the historic idea of an award. With rich, gleaming finishes and reaching, multi-tiered structures, these types of trophies are meant to be visually striking so they capture the notice of a crowd at an event and when placed in a display or showcase.

Awards in this style are suitable for a lot of different recipients, but when you need to honor someone in a professional capacity, sometimes a more sophisticated, modern trophy or award is favorable. While professional awards were once limited to what were essentially glass paperweights and vases, or inscribed office tools like clocks and pen holders, today’s options are extensive.

Awards As Art Pieces

A few examples of awards that professionals will be proud to display in their home or office can be seen among the art glass sculptural awards available through NetTrophy. These trophies are created by glass artisans and are completely one of a kind. Their dynamic and varied structures can be interpreted to symbolize teamwork, exceptional skill and performances, growth, perseverance, creativity, and other qualities that deserve recognition.

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These awards are quite stylish and interesting to observe. Just about anyone would be proud to accept and display them in their office or home. As with traditional trophies, they can be customized with the addition of an engraved plate or through laser engraving on the base. It’s possible to include a company logo or other graphic in addition to text.

Honoring Individuals And Teams

Conventional acrylic, glass, and crystal award statues remain a popular option among professional awards. Though they’re traditional, their styles have broadened to suit more modern tastes. Technology has made it possible to incorporate highly detailed graphics and text into these types of awards, so they can be customized to virtually any industry, brand, or company. They’re quite versatile so they never look out of place in just about any decor. And since they’re also pleasing to look at, they’re great to display in a boardroom or common area showcase, and are suitable for honoring a department, group, or team of individuals.

Awards With Function And Purpose

Similar to glass and crystal awards, custom desk accessories, like vases, frames, and clocks are considered quite traditional. Many have been updated to suit a more modern professional esthetic. Honorees may appreciate a piece that offers functionality in addition to commemoration. These awards are usually more practical for individuals who work in an office environment and will enjoy being reminded of their accomplishment when they reach for a pen or check the time. These types of awards are also great for professionals who work in academia.