Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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If you want your business to thrive in a sea full of competitors, you should know about and make use of search engine optimization. A search engine optimization helps your content gain traffic by giving it a higher rank on the search engine. This helps you to maximize your advertising campaigns and do better. As a business man, you are building your brand, expanding its reach, and increasing revenue through using search engine optimization tools. To help you choose better, here is a list of a few basic SEO tools that would do great for your business.

basic SEO tools


Google has been the leader in search since it was invented and here you can find a number of SEO tools for your small business. Google AdWords helps you find the right keywords. Another tool called Google Search Console helps you gain an access to detailed reports, library of resources, and web data to enhance Google search results. Google analytics lets you know if your website is receiving traffic from your keywords.


If your website is big and you own an online store, SEO can be a big trouble. If that’s the case, you can use RankSense to do your own SEO along with an all-round day monitoring, real-time recommendations for enhancing SEO for your site, automatic detection of problems, and more. You get to optimize thousands of pages a day using this service which helps you save money and time. You can go for a trial version to see if this tool works for you.


Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout takes away the need of having to hire an expensive SEO consultant. When you use Quick Sprout, you are just required to enter the URL of your website. Quick Sprout performs a quick and in-depth analysis to speed up your SEO. You get an SEO score, niche benchmarks, and measurement of your progress. Besides this, you get to compare your progress with your competitor’s using competitor analysis.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

At times, the best way to make an improvement is by fixing what’s already there. Screaming Frog SEO spider Tool is a website crawler that makes your webpages SEO-friendly by auditing them. It helps identifying factors working against the SEO of your website. It even integrates with Google Analytics to gain additional data and error reports. This tool comes free for a crawl limit of 500 URLs. You can get the paid version that has unlimited crawls and a number of added features.

basic SEO tools


Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you find the best and most SEO-friendly keywords. You can start with a search term and find keywords related to it that help strengthen your SEO. Ubersuggest provides a free service and it functions by adding a few words and phrases to your base keyword and making it really strong.

All of these SEO tools are the most popular ones that help expanding business on the internet. You can also look for a number of other SEO tools. There are paid and free versions of it that help you your business boom.