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Game developers aren’t just known for creating video games to get people hooked for hours and days on end. These professionals also like to inject pieces of code and information into their games that aren’t easily known unless the player does something to uncover the secret.

Albeit some individuals might become annoyed because of this sneaky move made by developers, there’s a majority of any game’s player base that seek out these hidden treasures as they find it as a challenge to keep them playing. Now, we look into the top secrets in Clash of Clans that you need to know to get that much-coveted victory.

Achievements Aren’t Just Mere Trophies

 For many Clash of Clans players, they know that the “Sweet Victory” achievement gives them 450 gems whenever they reach a 3-star rating upon completion. Some might think that this is nothing compared to other achievements wherein they can get more gems, but do take note this particular accomplishment is really easy to do. You can start farming for gems once your Town Hall hits level 6 (you can attempt to do this tip even with a lower level Town Hall, but it’s not recommended). Search for villages with their Town Halls located outside the boundaries of their walls. Once your troops take out this building, it guarantees one star and a few trophies.

Don’t Get Mad. Get Revenge!

 Many Clash of Clans players don’t like to see the words “Your Defense Lost” once they log into the game because now you have to retrain troops and do the necessary repairs to get your defenses up and running once more. However, getting plowed also presents a rare opportunity – you can review the attacker’s village before exacting your sweet, sweet revenge. Note that this places you at a huge strategic advantage because you’ll know how to lay down your own taste of hell upon them.

Barracks Aren’t Just for Training Troops

 Don’t think of your Barracks as just a means to train more troops. Take a closer look at it, and you’ll see that whenever you queue troops, the elixir required is “spent,” but you can always cancel the training whenever you want for any queued troop with no penalty. In doing so, it means that you can queue your Barracks with troops to the brim, and the elixir will always be “banked” safely away so as not to be plundered by attackers. Once you log back into your village, you can always cancel your queued troops and just get back the elixirs you “banked” at an earlier time.

Use the Lightning Spell to Blow Away Mortars

 Many beginners like to take advantage of the Rage spell for all of their raiding needs. However, give a 4+ star Lightning Spell another look, especially when you’re dealing with pesky mortars. If an opposing player has a strategically placed wizard tower or another level 4 – 5 mortar, then you can take them out with a well-timed Lightning Spell.

Getting to know all the secrets in Clash of Clans might be a grueling task, but it might be all worth it for you in the end. Note that there are other ways to get the upper hand in this highly popular mobile game such as taking advantage of clash of clans astuce.