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In a business industry, the competition in aiming to be on top is what makes the businesses strive harder. This is why there is always a constant development of business whether it’s small or large scale. The results are always inevitable where entrepreneurs compete for a potential client. However, there are instances that it’s not always fair and legal. This will result in some companies becoming victims of unfair competition.

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            Unfair competition is governed by the Act of April 1993 on Combating Unfair COmpetition. This act considers any shady activity that is proven to be against the law, or against good moral standards. This also covers any threats or violations of the interest of another trader or client. This law also contains a list of specific actions that will be considered detrimental to the interest of the company.

The Actions that May Harm the Company

            A competition who is not playing fair with the rules of the game can be investigated by a private detektyw or detective. You should not allow these companies to ruin your chance of getting that potential client. Here’s what a private investigator can check for:

  • When the company’s competitor uses the company name, emblem, abbreviation, and any other distinctive symbol by the previous company.
  • When the unfair rival provides a false or fraudulent geographical indication of where the product really came from. Or maybe, the company uses it in advertising, sales letters or bills. Using protected designations of origin as well as protected geographical indications can also be considered unfair.
  • Marking the products to mislead the customer to its quantity, quality, components, performance, suitability, who can it be used for, as well as the repair and maintenance. When the product can cause a risk and is not stated by the company, it is also unfair.
  • The company has the right to keep secrets just within the company. Unless there is an approval for it to be publicized. When the competitor reveals this secret to the public without an authorization, it will be considered unfair and illegal.
  • Imitating a product is the biggest sign of unfair competition. A rival cannot copy the outer packaging to mislead the customers.

These actions are just to name a few from the long list of actions that should be checked for unfair competition, which can be done with the help of a private investigator. It should be noted and checked as soon as possible to avoid worsening the situation. It might be too late to act against it, so once you are in doubt, for the betterment of your business, it would be best to do something about it right away.