selecting a dog crate
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Choosing a dog crate for our beloved pet is not always an easy task. Because we have unlimited  pet store options available today, it’s becoming harder to find a dog crate that best suits our puppy. You can just visit to get your dog a beautiful crate now. Not only you have many options, but there are certain factors to consider when selecting a dog crate, such as our dog breed, the price of the crate, the intended use of the crate and the type of crate. Here are some information on the dog crate that will help you decide which one fits your dog best.

Choosing A Dog Crate

Size of the dog crate

The size of the crate is very important in the choice of a crate. The dog needs enough space to stand, lie down, bend and feel comfortable. The overall size of the dog crate should be 6 longer and larger than the size of your adult dog.

The strength of the dog crate

Each dog crate has different strengths depending on the role. The lightweight case is suitable for first crate training in a puppy or older trained dog before using the dog crate properly. These types of dog crates have lower prices because they use small and low caliber yarns and the gap between the yarns are wider than any other type.

The average service box is more like a light, but with heavier gauge wires and near the space between the wires. Train dogs with average behavior or puppy from scratch. The price is in between of the class and has more choices of shapes, sizes and door options. Get best dog crate at now.

Intensive service is best used for active adult and aggressive adult dogs. Contains a heavier gauge and even more space than an average service box. This heavy duty is used by trainers and breeders.

Dog cage type

There are two popular types of puppy cage on the market today. The pin cage is the first type. It is commonly used by dog ​owners who want to set up the cage in one place. The deposit pin is easy to install without the use of tools. The dog’s folding cage is a new style, easy to fold and usually lightweight. This cage is known as a portable dog cage.

The Cage function

You can use the cage to train your dog at home, potion training, control chewing problems and much more. So you should choose a dog cage that is best for the job and the dog breed.

Many dog ​​owners have two types of the cage for another job. Stationery is for home and training, a folding cage for traveling. The portable cage is useful when traveling with your dog. It is good for the safety of the dogs inside the car and makes the dog feel safer and relax during the trip. For air travel, you must provide the pet cage usually plastic or aluminum. Do not forget to consult the booking request of the airline because each of them can be different.