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Fake Urine is like the props that you see in movies about these guys that spend the night drinking and smoking weed and the next day they are supposed to submit themselves from a drug test. So now we can conclude that possibly the urine that they are using isn’t someone’s urine (the thought alone is disgusting really).

Fake urines are already existent for a while now, it might be some really smart invention that can’t pass in “Shark Tank” because the sharks can’t see the value of it but they aren’t always right. Because in reality there is a need for this, especially now that there are a lot of marijuana users (thanks to the new laws that made this legal) and also because of companies that wants to regulate their people that is why these products have been flying off the shelves.

Why people prefer Fake pee for drug test!

Fact 1:It masks urine compounds – There are compounds and minerals that make up a urine. Synthetic urine shows all the compounds of only a normal urine, thus fooling the test that the urine that a person submitted using it surely will have a clean result. A little too clean sometimes, just like getting a, A+ from your grades but urine tests don’t do their results in that fashion so if you pass, you pass nothing more/ nothing less.

Fact 2: It’s effective – It’s highly effective because the compounds and minerals present are the same ones found in the actual urine. If the person is in doubt about a specific brand’s results, that person can always research and get any reviews if that brand is indeed good or not. Choose the brand that has the best reviews and the product of choice from the people that have already tried it to get that item.

Fact 3: It comes in various preparations – It comes in powder form or in liquid form, regardless of what preparation it is, a person that wants to use this needs to identify what would work for him/her. This is a matter of preference and need; after all, what that person needs to keep in mind is to not get caught. Getting caught means that person will not get the job/ promotion and/or that person will be fired from work.

Fact 4: You need to be skillful – a person undergoing a drug test needs to know if the drug test is official or not because the level of difficulty in hiding the synthetic urine and the success in placing it in the container that the company hired to conduct the drug test lies on that. It does need a skill in order to properly conceal it and transfer it to one container to the other, so a good advice to this is practice and more practice.

It’s not really clear on what the intentions of the makers of synthetic urines are, but one thing is for sure, it’s a good product for a person that needs it the most. The success of these products only shows that there are a lot of people that use substances that a company doesn’t want their employees to take like marijuana. If you want the good list of these products you can visit exit-5.info for more info.