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To all the fans of the fashion, the world of technology is finally swinging away with the best wearable pieces. Smart watches, glasses, charging bracelets are really kicking off these days.

Somehow, if the wearable tech is really going to take off then needs to have a little sense of fashions. Maybe there is a reason why the hottest category so far available is the fitness bands. Some companies are doing really cool stuff in order to provide you with the best piece of jewelry that is trendy yet smart to carry.

The Beautiful Bluetooth Pendants

This pendant has a tiny chip that is capable of connecting to a Smartphone. Yes, it is possible for you to use an android app in order to change the color and the brightness of the LED feature added to a Bluetooth pendant and can match it according to your dress. Also, besides changing the color, the pendant vibrates to alert you in case of any incoming calls, emails or even when you received any text messages.

The Elegant and Smarty Ring

Smart watches can be a little bulky and ugly to carry around. How about a ring that comes with small LED display which is capable of alerting you to calls, messages and any other updates? Well, the smarty ring can so all of this and can also serve you as a remote control for your Smartphone that helps you to accept or reject calls, trigger the camera and more.

Smart Charging Bracelet

The charging bracelet comes in various styles like kneaded thread, beaded bracelets, metallic bracelet and even more. There is a small button on the side that turns on and off the LED lights when it is connected to your phone for charging. Also, when you open the bracelet you will find a Micro USB port that can be used to charging your phones. However, the port is sealed with a rubber seal when closed in order to prevent any sort of damage from various sources like rain, water spills, sun etc.