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What is the best thing about slow juicers? They don’t destroy or affect your drink with oxidation and heat damage. They retain the nutrients and enzymes from your selected fruit or vegetable which is a very big win for those who are practicing healthy eating so slow juicers are practically the best professional juicer in health related terms.

But what we don’t know about slow juicers is that they have two types that are Horizontal Slow Juicer sand Vertical Slow Juicers. What does this mean? Why does it have to have two types? What are its Pros and Cons when it comes to juicing? Let’s find out, shall we?

All about Horizontal Slow Juicers

Horizontal slow juicers has been the first slow juicer that was sold in the market and has been a hit ever since. It’s called horizontal slow juicers because the gear/auger/screw is placed horizontally in the juicer.

What’s great about them is that they are multi-purpose food processors. You can make baby food, etc in this juicer. They are a lot better in juicing leafy greens compared to vertical slow juicers. Horizontal slow juicers are very easy to clean and are less expensive than vertical ones. There are many benefits and you won’t screw this up since it usually has a long period warranty for the motor.

Some examples of Horizontal Slow Juicers are:

  • Omega J8003/J8005– Least expensive in the Omega J800 series and it’s the 2nd generation and classic model that has been in the market for over 10 years.
  • Alpha Juicer– Identical as the Omega J8003 but is marketed as Alpha Juicer in Malaysia.
  • Samson GB9000 Series– The earliest slow juicer design with improved auger, marketed by Samson. Its body is a little bulkier than the Omega J8003 but a very solid machine. Cheapest horizontal slow juicer in the market, at under $200.

All about Vertical Slow Juicers

Vertical Slow Juicers came rather late in the market in order to provide users more options. It has the same concept as horizontal slow juicer which is to not destroy the nutrients of your fruits and vegetables, but doesn’t look the same since it’s attached to the juicer vertically.

A lot of vertical slow juicers failed but there are some left that are worth trusting. The feedback varies but a lot of users said that vertical slow juicers have some models that have large chutes making prepping time less and they have sophisticated designs. Like horizontal slow juicers, they are also easily to clean and wash up.

Some examples of Vertical Slow Juicers:

  • Omega VERT330/350HD– It is trusted by buyers because it is made by a renowned company which makes the best juicers.
  • Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer– It is the only one in the world with the largest feeding chute which is 3 inch in diameter. Great for heavy duty juicing but also comes with a big price.
  • Hurom/Oscar Pro HU-100– It is marketed rather aggressively and there are mixed reviews. If considering this machine, check the reliability of your local distributor.

Conclusion is that when you choose a slow juicer, you must choose something reliable and has many thumbs up. Horizontal Slow Juicer is the most recommended especially if you don’t know what to purchase first because it’s your first time.