viking necklace
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Viking jewellery is mainly inspired by the historic background of Viking.  The Viking Warrior culture came through the great kings and Warriors and their wars and stories. A bigger picture is also expressed when one looks at the history of berserkers, who were an extremely violent and white checked of Norsemen.  The mainstream history is full of phrases about the great Viking Warriors and the battles that they had fought. For most of the people Viking means of ferocious warrior with horns on the battle helmet and a gigantic battle axe. On the other hand the mainstream history speaks about little to nothing about the evenly brave Shield maidens which had an equal contribution to this war. The popular image that people have of Vikings in their mind is not actually true. The image of fighting and killing people from Dusk till dawn and characterizing these people as unhygienic and constantly drunk is not true. These people also lived a normal life with their family like most of us.

viking necklace

Best Designs and Handicrafts

The most common site used by Vikings to demonstrate their health success and power was the means of necklaces which were decorated with Beats,amulets, teeth and other objects and materials. While women used this method more than the men usually did, men too wore it at very rare occasions. Some of the best known viking necklace belonging to the broad arena of Vikings jewellery are:

  • The Mjőllnir Thor Hammer Pewter Pendant with Dragon Head Necklace, and it’s cost is $ 108.95
  • The Nordic Viking Mammen Axe Pendant For Men for $120
  • The Norse Mammen Viking Arrowhead Pendant Necklace for $ 75.99.
  • The Norse Mammen Viking Art Pendant Necklace for $ 70.99
  • The Sterling Silver Viking Protection Necklace Pendant By Jewellery Trends 22” for $ 69.99
  • The Sterling Silver Viking Warrior Horn Pendant Necklace offered at a discounted rate of $ 65.99 in place of the usual rate of $ 112.18.
  • The Thor Hammer Pewter Pendant With Dragon Head Necklace for $ 114.95
  • Lastly, we have the Thor’s Hammer Leather Necklace with Bronze Pantera Heads for $ 175.00