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A LED signboard can have a huge impact on your brand. Hence when it comes to led sign boards you must choose them wisely as it can make or break your brand image. There are several types of signage available based on the logo, size, and preferences and you can explore them before you set out to finalize one. There are various options depending on your brand identity as well as your budget too.

  1. Glow sign boards – These sign boards come with a tube light and are constructed using a 1 inch MS pipe frame with a double side printed flex for a balance of day-night color. The brand name is fully lit in the front face section and you can use a double sided UV printed polycarbonate to get a better color depth and also increase the life of the signage.
  2. 3D LED acrylic letters led sign boards that are mounted on the wall – This is the most common signage if you want to give your brand a 3D look and is made up of high-quality acrylic and are raised to a depth of 3-4 inch for an effective 3D look. These are directly fixed in the wall.
  3. LED sign with 3D acrylic letters put on an ACP box – this signage are made up of ACP or aluminum composite panel in the background and it gives a better aesthetic appeal to the signage. You can install this on a rooftop or a metal structure also.
  4. Stencil cut LED Logo in ACP – This is excellent, long lasting and cost effective solution wherein the logo is cut through the ACP box and also the LEDs are placed inside the box. This provides high brightness and low maintenance and fabrication costs.
  5. 3D LED acrylic letter with black vinyl on the front – This contains back glow halogen and is a useful method to block the light from the front face. Aluminum casting is not required in this type of LED sign boards.

There are several other types of LED signage available to choose from.