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There are mix reviews about bought youtube comments. There are some who have propagated a bad review for the same but there have been instances where these comments have worked wonders for the channel and the video in particular. The catch in bought youtube comments is to choose the real ones as the fake ones will create suspicion in the minds of the viewers.

Bad reputation

The reputation for the youtube comments have gone bad as the fake ones just create automated comments which are easy to identify by the users and the algorithms of youtube. This creates a bad reputation amongst the whole crowd as the video then starts looking fake. Even the quality content suffers if this reputation is created in the market.

Why should one buy youtube comments?

If it is risky or creates a bad reputation then why should one even indulge in the act? It is as buying real comments has many advantages.

  • Public engagement:- Comments create a sense in a new viewer that the video is worth watching as it has some engaging content as people are replying to it. There is another added advantage which is people will want to comment either as they agree to the comments or the content or disagree to this. This increase the engagement and also search engine ranking as more people will get attracted to the content.
  • Drown out the negativity:- this is now a very common practice where the youtube videos get a lot of negativity or hatred for no reasons. There are ways where genuine complaints can be reported but another quick and easy way is to drown these comments with positive and nice ones which are relevant to the video content.
  • Justify the views:- There is a process where youtube views are commonly bought. These look fake when there are no comments attached with them. The bought youtube comments create a genuine sense about the video and make it popular. This creates a sense that these views are as organic as the comments.

The important part of the whole process is to find a service that does not use automated comments. The comments should be genuine coming from real viewers who have been paid to watch the content and leave a comment. These are real thoughts and thus so not create a bad reputation. In fact they are likely to be the audience that will attract more similar people.